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RFID Prelam/Inlay NDEF NFC Card LF 125KHZ card HF13.56MHZ Card UHF 860-960MHZ Card Dual Frequency Card
NDEF NFC Card Ntag203
ISO14443A 13.56MHz card
CR80 TK4100, EM4102
Blank 125khz Proximity Cards
CR80 NXP 13.56MHz
ISO/IEC 14443A Mifare Classic
Smart card
NFC Card Ntag203 125khz Proximity Cards Mifare Classic card
T5577 T5567 ISO White
Blank 125khz Cards 224 Bits
FM11RF08 1Kbytes ISO14443A
Mifare 1K RFID card
NXP Proximity 4K Mifare chip
NXP HF Card HICO 2750oe
ISO White blank 125khz cards Mifare 1K RFID card NXP HF Card
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EPC Gen2 Global class
UHF Cards
RFID PerLam (inlay) 5*5
LF 125KHz
RFID PerLam (inlay) 3*8
HF 13.56MHz
UHF Cards RFID PerLam(inlay)5*5 RFID PerLam (inlay) 3*8
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NDEF NFC Card Ntag203 ISO14443A 13.56MHz card
INFINEON my-d'TMmove - SLE66R01P NFC Type 2...
Lamination PVC Blank Cards TK4100 125khz only read
ATA5577 RW blank card with Magnetic stirp 2750oe
ISO Proximity card NXP Hitag S 256 bits 125KHz Cards
CR80 Proximity NXP Hitag S 2048 bits 125KHz Cards
NXP 7bytes UID ISO14443A Mifare 1K RFID card
NXP 13.56Mhz Mifare plus S 4K EEPROM IC cards
NXP IC Mifare DESFire EV1 8K contactless Multi...
Alien Higgs-3 GEN 2 PVC UHF Card Aluminum Antenna
T5577 T5567 ISO White Blank 125khz Cards 224 Bits
NFC type 2 tag 64bytes NFC Card Mifare Ultraligh
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